Tezos Delegation Baker

Delegate to Tezmania

and raise your stake in the crypto economy.

Minimum delegation 100 XTZ

Delegation Rewards

Receive 80% of the rewards for your delegated XTZ
(Our fee is 20%)

Payout Frequency

Rewards every cycle

High Availability

Managed by an international team of IT professionals

About Tezmania

Tezmania is an anonymous, safe and secure Tezos delegation service.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Tezmania is managed by an international team of multilingual cryptocurrency and technology experts.

Use our delegation service as an alternative to running your own baking node.

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A multi-disciplinary engineer, Evan currently works in R&D at a top US university.

Evan has more than ten years' experience in international software development and has worked with cryptocurrencies since 2013.

Evan focuses on the technical development of Tezmania.

Born in the US, Evan splits his time between the US and Japan.


Pascal co-founded a technical recruitment agency in Tokyo with his twin brother Julien and has been active in all areas of cypto: from cryptocurrencices to psychism, ascension, and beyond.

Pascal assists with marketing, promotion, and overall growth of the Tezmania platform.

Pascal was born in Paris France and resides in Tokyo.


Originally a hardcore developer, Jim now focuses on international blockchain business development. He also is experienced in partner strategy, and product and software engineering.

Jim is passionate about the increased efficiency and honesty enabled by blockchain technology and the elimination or reduction of intermediaries in society that have become parasites. He shares many beliefs about reality and ascension with Pascal and Evan.

As the first non-founding partner, Jim is focusing on expanding Tezmania’s reach into new communities and increasing its competitiveness.

Born in the US, Jim splits his time between Silicon Valley and Japan.


Part of the inital Tezos development team in Paris, Vincent is a 10x functional programmer and technical entrepreneur with several blockchain related projects under his belt.

Vincent serves as technical advisor to the Tezmania team.

Vincent was born in France where he still resides today.


A computer scientist by trade, Julien worked for more than 11 years in the field of technical recruiting and co-founded of one of the most reputable recruitment agencies in Tokyo with his twin brother Pascal.

Julien was very active in the cryptocurrency space and passionate about all things crypto, from currencies to psychism and ascension.

Born in Paris France, Julien was a founding partner of Tezmania in Tokyo before passing away from this world in 2019.

Tezos Infographic: How Baking Works